Friday, February 27, 2009

friday night adventures!

ok, so i had made plans to go to dinner w/ my friend wendy tonight. . . well, i got WAY more than i bargained for. . . CRAZY, CRAZY night, wow. . .

ok, so when i got to the restaurant, it wasn't just wendy waiting for me. . . apparently she'd used the girl's night out as the cover to throw me a surprise baby shower! :) it was a bunch of people from the ward, plus a few from the other ward that meets in our building. she'd called my friends from the base and the breastfeeding group, but none of them could make it, unfortunately. anyways, the food there was AMAZING (jim'n nick's bbq - i'm SO going back!), and they got me some good stuff for the baby too. oh, and they got a cake that i could actually eat - they made sure to get the whipped cream frosting instead of the super-sugary kind, so i had a piece and it didn't jack my blood sugar numbers, so that's REALLY good! :)

so after we were done w/ that, wendy and i decided to go ahead w/ the original plan and see a movie. we decided to see push. we got there right when the previews ended, so our timing was perfect. well, i wasn't feeling well, but i figured i'd just eaten too much. normally when i go out to eat, i eat about 3 bites then get full (well, except at ihop). . . well, not tonight, i ate EVERYTHING on my plate. it was just too good and i was too hungry! :) so yeah, i figured i'd just eaten too much, so i sat back and tried to relax so i could enjoy the movie. well, about 15 minutes into the movie, i started having contractions. super painful ones in my back like i did when i was really in labor w/ trevor. they were short, but they were coming fast, so that freaked me out. i waited to see if they'd go away, but they didn't, so i told wendy we had to go to the hospital. we were at least able to get vouchers for a free movie since we'd already paid and seen so little of this one.

anyways, sure enough, i was having contractions, but they were only lasting about 20-30 seconds. they gave me a big thing of water and said i had to drink at least half or i'd have to have an iv. they also got a urine sample, but it was totally clear, as clear as water. i heard the nurse tell the doc that it was "beautiful". . . :) i thought that was funny, though i didn't really react at the time b/c i was in pain. they told me that b/c my contractions weren't lasting very long, they weren't really concerned, but the doc checked to see if i was dilating and i wasn't (thankfully). they checked my urine sample and came back and said i was dehydrated. WHAT?!?!?!?! how can that be when it's as clear as water? whatever. so they told me to keep drinking my water. ugh, i was still so full from dinner, i felt like i was gonna puke water up if i drank any more, but i managed to get down the minimum they wanted. about 20 minutes later they came back and said i have a uti. lovely. so apparently that's what was causing my contractions. i'm wondering if it would make it look like i was dehydrated when i wasn't. . . seriously all i do anymore is drink water, so i just can't see how i could REALLY be dehydrated. anyways, at that point i asked if i could be done w/ the water there and go home; they said yes, but to drink more once i got there. they gave me a prescription for an antibiotic, so i'll go get that filled in the morning. . .

so yeah, it was an adventurous evening. started off w/ a surprise baby shower, went to the movies, and ended up in the hospital. i complained to wendy about it too, i kept telling her "i didn't want to do this this time around! i said the only time i'd go to the hospital was when i was actually in labor!" she assured me it was ok and she didn't mind, but i felt so dumb. like i'm repeating history. of course, there really WAS a reason i was having contractions (the uti) and i probably wouldn't have noticed b/c i'm not having any other symptoms. and since the ob office here is dumb and doesn't do a urine sample at every visit like most ob's do, it's not like they'd catch it at a regular appointment. still though, i'm really hoping this was a one time deal.

i'd called my baby-sitter to let her know what was going on and told her that i had no idea what time i'd be getting back, so if she wanted to call her mom, that was fine. when i got home she was here, but she didn't seem to mind having been called in. :)

i'm just glad everything is ok and i know what's going on now. i'll get my drugs in the morning and be on the way to normal once again! :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

my first cvs argument. . .

ok, so last time i posted about going to cvs, i mentioned getting a rain check for the neutrogena deal. they FINALLY had the product i was looking for (i went in 5 different times before they had it on the shelf), so i went to get it last night. . . well, first i'll tell you what all i got, then get into the issue i had w/ the cashier. . . just 1 transaction last night: 2 bars neutrogena original face wash, vo5 shampoo, vo5 conditioner, 250 ml cvs mouthwash. used cvs coupon for free 250 ml mouthwash and cvs coupon for $3 off any 2 shampoo or conditioners. vo5's were on sale for 77 cents each. paid $4.84, got 10 ecb's for next time! :)


ok, so here's the issue i had: i double checked when i got the rain check for the neutrogena deal to make sure i'd still get the ecb's to use later. they said yes, not a problem, they've done it before. ok great. so when they went to ring me up last night, they said they couldn't do it b/c my total was less than $10, so they couldn't give me ecb's. as in i couldn't earn more ecb's than i spent. then they were trying to tell me the bars of face wash ($2.99 each) weren't part of the deal b/c the deal was to buy $20 worth of neutrogena products and get 10 ecb. i told them no it wasn't, it was buy ANY 2 neutrogena products, get 10 ecb. they finally found the ad (i hadn't thought to save one from the week before, so partly my fault on that) and saw that i was right. they kept trying to tell me that they couldn't give me the 10 ecb's b/c my total wasn't enough. i FINALLY understood that what they were trying to do was take the $10 off my total right then instead of giving me an ecb print out. i told them no, i didn't expect that, i wanted the print out to use the ecb's later.

it took TWENTY MINUTES to finally get to the point where i understood their issue (b/c they never told me they were trying to apply the ecb's to the total right then). anyways, once i explained what i wanted (and KNEW they could do), they finally got it. i paid for my stuff, they printed out the receipt. then to get the ecb's, they had to scan my receipt and the register AUTOMATICALLY printed my 10 ecb. FINALLY! at least it all worked out in my favor, but geez! i was ready to leave w/out the neutrogena stuff, that didn't bother me at all, but still, it was aggravating that it took so long. they just kept saying exactly the same thing over and over again w/out trying to make their point any more clear. at least i'm smart enough that i figured it out w/out any help from them and was able to get my point across so that it got worked out in a way that made everyone happy. . .

normally the people at this cvs love me, the manager is always excited when i come in to see what kind of deals i'll get this time. . . he wasn't there though, and the 2 that WERE there weren't the brightest crayons in the box, that's for sure. . .

Monday, February 16, 2009

president's day rocks!

ok, so i just have to say that i love president's day, if for no other reason than it's a great day for sales! :) i spent WAY too much money today, but i got alot of stuff so it was all worth it! :)

first i hit once upon a child. they weren't having a sale, but i figured i'd still get a better deal there than anywhere else. i got a ton of stuff there for nudger, as well as a pair of sandals for this summer for trevor. i spent almost $40 there. . .

next i went over to the outlet mall. i got a 5-pack of onesies and a 3-piece outfit for nudger for $26 plus tax (not spectacular, but definitely better than full price). then i went a few doors down to children's place and found a onesie for nudger, along w/ some things for trevor for next winter. the onesie is for christmas, it says "silent night? i don't think so!" :) so cute! then i got trevor a long-sleeved t-shirt, 2 sweaters and a jacket, each for $4.99! SCORE! :D

in the end i spent almost $100 just on clothes today, but it was all stuff we'll use, so i don't feel too bad. plus we had the money for once, so that justifies it almost as much as the sale prices, in my mind. :) here's a few pictures of everything i got:


children's place--

once upon a child--

oh, and so i don't forget, i also got the cloth diapers organized, so i wanted to show those off too. we have 2 dozen bumgenius one-size 3.0 pockets for trevor, as well as another 2 dozen for nudger. then i also got 2 dozen prefolds which i just finished dying last night, 4 thirsties xs covers, and 2 snappis. i decided to try out the flushable liners from to see how those work out too. . . never used liners before, but i'm hoping it'll make cleaning up poopy diapers a little easier. . . anyway, here's a few pictures of the newborn stash--


interesting cvs experience. . .

so i haven't been so great about going to cvs to take advantage of their deals recently, but i went today b/c they had some things i want/needed/couldn't pass up the deal. :) i didn't have any coupons this time, so i didn't do as well as i have in the past, but i still saved $ over what i'd have expected. . . thing is, i shouldn't have saved as much as i did, but the cashier messed up. . . first it was an error NOT in my favor, which they corrected. then they made an error that WAS in my favor, but didn't believe me when i pointed it out. so i walked away w/ a little more $ in my pocket than i expected. . . first, here's what i got:

1) 6 suave body washes @ $2 each, 2 crest pro-health rinse (1L bottles), 2 aussie leave-in conditioner. paid $ 27.78, earned 7 ecb.
2) high school musical 3 on dvd. used ecb from previous purchase, should have paid $ 13.90. in reality, i paid $10.68. . .

ok, so the first mistake they made was they only gave me 3 ecb when i should have earned 7. they fixed that w/ no issue. however, it wasn't till after they'd rung me up for the 2nd trasaction that i realized this. i was slightly annoyed w/ the cashier b/c instead of handing me the whole receipt w/ the ecb's on it, he tore off the ecb's and gave me what was left. so i had no idea if i had the right amount or not. he proceeded to ring up the movie and scanned the ecb's, which wasn't an issue since i'd said i wanted to do it that way. however, i didn't realize it wasn't as cheap as it should have been till AFTER i'd swiped my card. he had to void that sale out and redo it, making sure to get the right amount of ecb's first. we had to go through my purchases b/c the computer hadn't recognized the for whatever reason. we figured out it had shorted me 4 ecb, so he rang it up correctly this time. HOWEVER, after he scanned the dvd and put in the ecb's, the computer thought i'd paid full price for the dvd the first time (instead of $3 less), so i got refunded $7.50 in cash. when i said that wasn't right the casheir said no, it was fine. . . so yeah, it was interesting, to say the least. here's a picture of my spoils--


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

holy huge baby, batman!

so b/c trevor was so big when he was born (9 lbs., 8 oz.), my doc is concerned w/ how big nudger is gonna be. that was BEFORE we found out i have gestational diabetes. oy. if i'm able to keep the gd under control (which i seem to be doing ok at so far), it shouldn't have any effect on how big he is. . . anyways, b/c of the concern they have (and let's face it, i'm scared too), they wanted me to have another u/s to measure him. at 21 weeks, he was measuring about a week ahead of schedule. well, today, at just over 30 weeks, he's measuring TWO weeks ahead. . . he's about 4 lbs., 5 oz. according to their measurements, and if he stays on a normal growth curse between now and whenever he's born, he'll likely weigh in around 10 lbs. BUT since he's been accelerating so far, i expect that trend to continue. i am absolutely TERRIFIED of how big this kid will be in the end! and unfortunately, w/ how fast i labored w/ trevor, i'm not expecting there to be time for any drugs - especially since i refuse to have narcotics, i hate the way they make me feel. if i have anything, i'd want an epidural. but most likely i won't have time for anything at all - i'm nervous about getting there in time to begin w/! anyways, just thought i'd share my new panic w/ you all, as well as the new u/s pictures. enjoy! :)


awesome video

i got this video in an email today and i bawled like a baby when i watched it. hope you all enjoy it as much as i did! :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

gestational diabetes. yuck.

so i found out last friday (1/30) that i have gestational diabetes. boo.

they had me come in monday to give me a meter to check my blood sugar and showed me how to use it. then, i was supposed to see a nutritionist to make sure i've got a good idea of what i should or shouldn't eat. well, they STILL haven't gotten me the info to contact this person, nor has the nutritionist contacted me. i'm getting REALLY frustrated b/c i keep going over my goal, but i feel like i'm not doing anything inherently wrong. the only thing i've figured out is that i can't eat fruit. or certain veggies. SO NOT GOOD! i had a salad yesterday and that was fine, i even had a few raisins on it. i'm sure some other veggies would be ok too (carrots, broccoli, both of which i love), but so far, applesauce and corn both send me over my goal and that sucks. it really irritates me. . . especially when i had some cheesecake yesterday at lunch and that was ok, but the corn in my dinner last night sent me over. ugh. i'm really annoyed b/c they said it could be up to 2 WEEKS before the nutritionist calls to set up an appointment!


that's ridiculous! in the mean time, i'm totally guessing (and guessing wrong, apparently) at what i should be eating. . . and i have a doctor's appointment next week, most likely before i'll be able to see the nutritionist, where they're gonna look at my numbers. . . i'm nervous they'll see that i'm going over and make me do insulin shots. i SO don't wanna do that if i can avoid it. i just need some help figuring out what i CAN eat. . . the only things so far that i know for sure i'm ok on are salad, bagels w/ cream cheese, and peanut butter sandwiches. i can't live on that alone for the next 3 months. . . i seriously just want to cry right now, i hate this. . . :*(

britax and deals! :)

so we got our tax return today. we'd planned to use part of it to buy the things we need before nudger arrives (more cloth diapers, double stroller, etc.), so i went ahead and ordered all that stuff today. . .

well, i was happy to find that this week is britax's semi-annual sale and i saved $50 on the convertible carseat we'd decided to get - we got trevor's during this sale last year and only saved $20, so i was really excited about this. i was gonna wait till they had their sale to order the seat, but was glad it happened to be the same week we got our return!

then i was on to order the diapers we wanted and happened to stumble across (well, i googled it, but still, i rarely find codes that work that way) a code that got me free insurance on the shipping! the code SAID it got $3 off the total order, but i got $5.20 off, which is how much the insurance cost. i was pretty happy. $5 may not be much, but every little bit helps, right? :)

for those who want to know, the code is DIAPERSWAPPERS; i got the info on it at

we spent a good chunk of our return on these 2 orders, BUT it was less than i'd expected, so happy day! :) we've got good plans for the rest of our tax return too - paying off our credit card and the new computers we got in november. :) we'll still have a little left after that, so that's EVEN BETTER! :D