Friday, May 21, 2010

enfamil is spreading lies again!

so enfamil is at it again - claiming that their baby formula is superior to other brands, even though the proof is not there. their claim is that their formula is the one one w/ the "triple health guard" that improves growth, brain and eye health when compared to other formulas. this visual is used in their tv ads, as well as on their website:

it basically says that if you use any other formula to feed your baby, they'll have crappy vision when they're a year old, but if you use enfamil w/ triple health guard, they'll have almost perfect vision. it's a load of crap b/c all formulas are THE SAME!

but i almost forgot - enfamil DOES have something different! they have CHOCOLATE flavored formula! (and vanilla too, don't forget that!) as if we didn't already have an obesity epidemic in this country, we're now going to offer liquid candy to our babies!

my question is this: what's so wrong w/ breastfeeding our babies? there are a very few select women who cannot produce enough, but MOST moms can have an ample supply if they never supplement, even in the beginning. there are medical conditions that make breastfeeding difficult, dangerous, or even impossible, but those cases are vastly outweighed by moms who simply choose not to nurse. there are so many misconceptions out there surrounding breastfeeding, and i hope that i can help to dispel some of those myths. even if i have to do it one mother at a time, i hope i can make a difference for someone. :)