Saturday, April 19, 2008

home again!

we're home! yay! actually, we got home tuesday evening, but i haven't had much chance to get on till today. i was able to check my email once and them my monitor died. i just got a new one today. it cost more than i would have liked, but it's WAY nice, so i'll live! :) hahaha! anyways, so we're settled back in and doing well. we're LOVING the warmer weather down here! it's nice after being in much cooler weather for the last month.

so, last night trevor started clapping and it was the CUTEST thing! i need to get a video of him clapping to put on here, i'll try to do that soon. . . he's all over the place, starting to pull up on stuff (although he'll only stand on his knees, not sure why), and i think he's in ANOTHER growth spurt! that kid never stops, i swear! :)

my show went well, and i had a TON of fun! i miss it already and wish i could have kept it up. everyone in the company up there was asking me to stay for the summer show in august, but i told them most likely i won't be there for it. i did promise to come up for any shows that happen whenever jon is deployed though, since it'll be less of an issue during those times. anyways, a friend of mine should be sending me a video of the show, so i'm excited about that. all my friends here wanted to see me dance, so i promised i'd get a dvd for them.

other than that, things are pretty boring around here. i joined the library here (took me almost 2 years living here to get there, but i did!) and got some books and a dvd of the breakfast club. i've never seen it before, so i figured it was worth it (especially since it's free, right?). . . i saw 16 candles for the first time yesterday, so i guess i'm on a molly ringwald kick for now. :) anyways, when i was watching it, i figured out where my psycho college roommie, malorie, got some of her ideas from. . . she's was ALWAYS saying that she didn't want people to know that she ate. i had never heard anyone say that before (i'd heard people say they didn't want a guy to know HOW MUCH they ate, but never that they didn't want him to know they ate at ALL), but anyways, molly ringwald says it in there! i had to pick my jaw up off the floor. i mean, i know malorie loved the 80's but COME ON, using a random line from a movie as your life motto? that's a little sad. . .

anyways, i told jon we need to get a dog. trevor loves them and we've been wanting one for awhile and i think we could actually afford one now. . . i'm gonna have to call the vet here on base on monday and find out what the initial cost is to get a puppy fixed and get all its shots and stuff. . . and yeah, i know we could go to the humane society and get a dog there, but jon has a point when he says that he wants to get a puppy so that we know the history and stuff. that way too, we can train the dog and not have to worry about say, whether its house-trained or not (b/c obviously, it won't be, but the dog will be young enough that we can fix that). . . anyways, we've gotta figure out what breed to get b/c i'd LOVE something that doesn't shed a ton but is a little bigger. we don't want a dog that we'll end up tripping over, you know? and jon refuses to get a poodle, so it'll have to be something else. i'm not sure what else there is, so i'll have to do some looking. my mom suggested a poodle mix, which is a pretty good idea. she said we should get a labradoodle. . . i said a schnoodle. . . we'll see. . .

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

trip to utah

ok, so i got back from my trip to utah last night. trevor and i had a good time out west, but i'm glad to be done w/ flying for the time being! he did really well on the plane, but it's still stressful w/ having to hold him the entire time when all he wants to do is get on the floor and crawl around and get into things. thankfully, he slept on the plane both ways, which was a nice surprise.

we spent the first few days down in provo. we visited byu and some friends in the area. i got my hair highlighted, so i'm blonde again, happy day! i got to eat at a few of the restaurants i'd been missing - brick oven and stan's especially. i was sad to find out stan's was sold about a year ago, but at least the food is still the same, so it wasn't a disappointment. we stayed w/ one of jon's old roommates and his wife while we were there. jon's funny, he likes to brag that he hooked them up. he basically just went up to each of them and asked if there was anyone in the complex they liked, then told them they should go out. . . they ended up getting married almost exactly 1 year after us. it was like, a week before our anniversary. funny part is they started dating before we did. . . oh well, we're crazy though, most people don't decide to get married when they've only known each other for 2 weeks. . .

anyways, trevor and i drove up to ogden on friday afternoon and spent the rest of our time up there. we stayed w/ jon's best friend, kyle, and his wife maggie. saturday was my birthday. i went over to my cousin's house between conference sessions and went out to lunch w/ my brother. he didn't have any money, so i ended up having to pay, but whatever. he'd never had cold stone, so we went there after we ate. sunday i had tickets to conference, so i went w/ kyle and maggie. after the session was over, we went down to south jordan to visit kyle's family. they've kinda adopted jon, he even calls them mom and dad! :) yeah, so they enjoyed playing w/ trevor, and i had fun seeing them all again. kyle's brother, devon (devin?) is 16 now. apparently he's quite the ladies' man! i can see why though, and when i told jon, his response was that he wasn't surprised. anyways, devon was playing the sims 2 and had built the houses for the characters in the twilight series. i was surprised to find out he'd read those books, but he liked them alot. i just didn't think they were really a GUY thing, you know? oh well, whatever works, right? so after that, kyle, maggie, and i went to my dad's for dinner. he made poffertjes (i have NO idea if i spelled that right, it's dutch) for my birthday. they're basically these tiny little pancakes that are only about 1 1/2 inches across, but they're SO good. you eat them w/ butter and powered sugar instead of regular syrup. then on monday i went to breakfast w/ my dad at village inn (it wasn't as wonderful as i remembered, so now i'm ok w/ the fact that they don't have them in south carolina) and spent a couple hours at his place. i had dinner at olive garden w/ kami, an old roommate of mine, and watched movies w/ kyle and maggie. on sunday night we watched the seeker, which was REALLY good. i wouldn't have chosen it, but i ended up really liking it. then on monday night, maggie and i watched sydney white while kyle was at work. tuesday i packed up all our stuff and we flew back to maryland.

so here i am, w/ 1 week left of my vacation. i have rehearsal tonight, as well as thursday and friday nights, then my show is on saturday and sunday. monday night we're all going out to dinner to celebrate my and my mom's birthdays. tuesday i'll be driving home w/ trevor. i'm gonna have to spend some time today remembering my dances for this show. i realized last night that i hadn't thought about it at all while i was in utah, and i'm having trouble remembering all of them. oops. . . i'm also planning to go to the library. i have a bunch of books to return, and i'd like to get some new ones. when i get home, i'm gonna have to join the library there. i can't believe i haven't done it yet! i guess i just kept forgetting. oh well. anyways, i should go get trevor some lunch and get the both of us dressed for the day. i'll write more later, probably once i get home again.