Friday, January 23, 2009

disney world, here we come!

so my sister-in-law told me yesterday about a deal that disney world is doing for the military this year that i really want to take advantage of b/c i have a feeling something like this won't come along again for us. . .

through the end of the year, active duty military members can get a free 5-day park hopper pass w/ water park option. THEN they can get up to 5 more 5-day passes for family/friends for $99 each. these passes do NOT include the park hopper or water park options, but they can be added for another $25 each. kids under 3 don't need tickets to disney EVER, so for us to go for 5 days would cost between $99 and $149 (depending on whether we got the park hopper and water park options for me, which we probably would)! :)

then i was looking at where we'd stay if we do this, and i found that all the resorts, including the military one, were out of our price range. . . BUT i found a days inn nearby that has free breakfast and a free shuttle to and from the magic kingdom, as well as a pool. :) once we get to the magic kingdom, we can just take the monorail to the other parks, and that's free too! this particular days inn has rooms w/ 2 QUEEN beds instead of 2 doubles, so it's an even better deal - it's $40 per night! the resorts are all more than double that for the cheapest rooms, w/ the exception of the one where you camp out. . . and even that one's about $10 more per night! after that, we'd just need to worry about gas to get to florida and back and food.

in total we could likely do disney for about $400! how awesome is that?!?!?! but wait there's more. . .

i remembered i had info about free admission to sea world for military families, so i checked and it's still good! it's for up to 4 free passes for each military member, so if we stay for an extra night, we could do sea world too! i'm SO excited, i really hope i can convince jon that we can afford to do this b/c we'll REALLY never get a chance like this again (at these prices, at least)! SUPER happy evelyn! :D

info about these deals--
disney: click here
sea world: click here

stupid hospital!

ok, so in my last post i wrote about how trevor has the mumps. well, it turns out he does NOT and the doc at the hospital is a retard. apparently there's a simple blood test he's required to do to "officially" diagnose the mumps and he didn't do it. THEN he didn't bother reporting it to whoever he's supposed to report it to and told me it's not contagious! what an idiot!

we went to see trevor's pediatrician as directed by the hospital and after hearing the whole story, he said my instinct had been right and it WAS an allergic reaction! he's running that blood test just to be safe (b/c he wants to be able to say he has proof when/if he starts getting calls about it), but that trevor doesn't have any of the classic symptoms of mumps other than swollen cheeks. the thing is that his lips started to swell before his cheeks did, which does NOT happen w/ the mumps. the pediatrician recommended that we take tevor to an allergist, then prescribed zyrtec to get the swelling to go down. he also told me that if trevor ever needs to go to the emergency room again, our insurance would cover taking him downtown to children's hospital's pediatric emergency room. i'd rather go a little farther and have to pay for parking to get the right diagnosis the first time b/c this isn't even the first time this particular hospital has given us the wrong diagnosis! (back in september they said he didn't have pneumonia, but he did) i'll also be filing a formal complaint b/c this is ridiculous. . . the doc didn't do all he should have AND gave us the wrong diagnosis and the wrong info about that diagnosis. how does a moron like that ever become a doctor? we won't be going back there for an emergency EVER again if i can help it!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

wow! just. . . wow. . .

there really is no other way to put it - this weekend was gonna be nice and relaxing w/ nothing going on. well, fate had other plans, it seems!

saturday morning i woke up feeling cold. . . UNDER my blanket. SO not normal for me, being both pregnant and in the south. i finally convinced myself to get out of bed to go look at the thermostat - it was 6 degrees cooler than we had it set for! i'd noticed that the air just kept blowing and never really stopped, so i checked to see if it was warm or cold. . . it was definitely cold. of course, it's the weekend, meaning that only emergency maintenance problems will be fixed. and OF COURSE it's a long weekend b/c of president's day. fortunately, luck was on my side and this was considered an emergency - it was only 28 degrees outside and there's no other way to heat these houses - no fireplaces or anything, of course (again, it's the south). anyways, about 2 hours after i put in the call, someone came around and fixed it and all was well again.

well, that only lasted a few hours. that evening, as i was getting trevor ready for bed, i noticed that him gums looked swollen. i went to pull his lip back to see when i realized it was actually his LIP! my first reaction was that he must be having some kind of allergic reaction. i couldn't figure out what he'd be reacting to though b/c we hadn't gone anywhere, done anything, or eaten anything new all day (or for a few days beforehand, for that matter). i called his doctor to see if giving him benedryl was enough or if they wanted me to do anything more. they said give the benedryl a try, but if it didn't get any better or it got worse, take him to the emergency room. an hour after giving him the benedryl, i went to see if things had improved and they hadn't. they'd gotten worse. of course, right? so off we went to the emergency room. . . the diagnosis the doc there gave was "viral parotitis". . . they gave me some instructions on things i could do to help trevor feel better till it went away, things to look out for, etc., then sent us home.

after trevor was in bed (at 11:15 pm, ugh!), i went looking around online for info on viral parotitis and found out that the ONLY cause for it is the mumps! THE MUMPS?!?!?!?! he'd gotten his mmr back in june, he shouldn't be able to get this! ugh! anyways, in looking up info about it, i found that the incubation period is 2-3 weeks, but that the person who has it is only contagious for up to week before they develop symptoms till the swelling disappears (usually about 10 days after it first appears, apparently). great. now i'm stuck in the house for then next week and a half. b/c of the incubation period, he HAD to have picked it up in maryland over christmas, and the most likely place there would have been the nursery in my mom's ward (she's in the nursery, so she passed along the message that other parents should watch out). . . the worst part though, is that this past week trevor had been around at least 30 babies who have NOT been immunized yet! i'm so nervous that they'll get this now too. . . i've done my best to let everyone we've been around in the last week know so that they can at least be on the lookout, but i feel so bad! i know there's nothing i could have done b/c i had no idea till last night, but still. . .

there is a bright side though. trevor seems to be acting like his normal, happy self. the only real symptoms he's showing are a near complete loss of appetite and swollen cheeks. hopefully this is as bad as it gets. . . we've got another 9 days to go before this will be gone, so i'm keeping my fingers crossed.

in happier news though, the other big event this weekend was trevor's move to his big boy bed! a neighbor came over this afternoon to help me move furniture around and get everything set up. . . trevor LOVES his new bed and is SO excited about it. i was happily surprised to find that at bedtime, he just laid down and went to sleep like he would have done in his crib! i NEVER expected that! i was thinking i'd have to keep going in and putting him back in bed till he finally gave up and fell asleep, but thankfully, i haven't had to! :) yay! anyways, here are pictures of him and his new bed--


now that he's settled in w/ the new bed, it's time to get cracking on nudger's room! :) i decided to do a kinda nature/animal theme in there, so i've been working on getting things for it. i've got a few posters w/ animals on them, but i need to get frames for them. . . then i also got a dish i'm gonna put some rocks and candles in (the candles are mostly for the look; they'll never actually get lit, most likely), plus wooden letters to spell out his name on the wall. i also managed to find an area rug that didn't cost too much and looks pretty nice. as luck would have it though, it's the EXACT same color as the carpet in the living room and trevor's bedroom. go figure! oh well, i'm just happy i found one that didn't cost an arm and a leg! :) anyways, now that trevor's down for the night, i'm gonna get to work on that! :)