Friday, August 22, 2008

not as great savings, but savings nonetheless

ok, so the things i got at cvs today weren't THAT great of deals, but it was mostly stuff we needed. jon hurt his back during pt today, so he wanted stuff to help it feel better. . . so anyways, i only made 1 trip to the register today b/c nothing i bought got ecb's, but whatever. . . here's what i got--

2 60-ct. boxes puffs plus tissues (on sale for 88 cents each, plus i had 25 cent off coupons)
2 20-ct. packages of cascade 2-in-1 action packs (on sale for $3.49 each, which is $3 off the regular price; i was disappointed here b/c i HAD coupons for these, but they expired a month ago. . . sad day)
cvs brand heat wrap 2-pack for backs (on sale for $3.99)
cvs brand 30-ct. nasal strips (like breathe right)
0.63 oz. tub tiger balm

i also had a coupon for $4 off a purchase of $20 or more, so i used that too. i spent $27.54, but saved $14.54, so not terrible, but definitely not my best either. oh well. . . they haven't had many good things on sale the last 2 weeks, so unfortunately, i haven't had much cvs-inspired fun. . . hopefully the week after next will be better. i'm actually kinda hoping next week's sales suck b/c i won't have time to get there most likely (b/c we're moving), but we'll see. if they have good deals, i'll find a way to get there anyways. :)

ok, so as always, here's a picture of my loot--


Saturday, August 9, 2008

baby #2 on the way!

so we found out yesterday that i'm pregnant again! yay! i'm really happy that the timing on this worked out so well. we were hoping that i'd be able to get pregnant soon so that i wouldn't have to miss my brother's wedding at the end of may b/c i was too pregnant to fly. it'll work out well b/c i'm due april 19, so i'll have a baby somewhere between 4 and 6 weeks old by the time we need to get out there. also, if we end up being able to afford to go to hawaii for new year's as planned, i'll be done w/ my 1st trimester and the morning sickness i'll inevitably get. anyways, i'm really excited, as is jon, even though he's annoyed w/ the fact that we have to move. . . 2 bedrooms is fine, i just don't think any of us would get any sleep if we had to share a room w/ a newborn, you know? so yeah, besides that minor annoyance, we're both really happy and excited about this. we're hoping for a girl this time around, but i guess we'll have to wait and see.

anyways, for those of you who want to see, here's my pregnancy test; the 2nd line is faint, but it's definitely there--


Monday, August 4, 2008

holy coupons, batman!

ok, so i'm a little obsessed. er. . . ALOT obsessed. . . it's like a disease, really. i jumped in the recycling dumpster again this morning and TOTALLY hit the jackpot! my entire backseat was full of newspapers w/ coupon sections hidden w/in their folds, so i enlisted the help of some friends who are just as ill as i am to help me sort through the mess and we ended up w/ some AWESOME deals! b/c of this, i went to cvs tonight and saved SO much money! :) i only made 2 trips to the register this time. . .

1) 2 colgate toothpastes (on sale for $2.99 each) and 5 crest toothpastes (on sale for $2.49 each). i had a coupon for $1.50 off colgate, plus another for $1 off. for the crest i had 75 cent off coupons for each one. i paid $13.47 and saved $10.75. i got 11.5 ecb's (4 for the colgate, 1.5 each for the crest)
2) 18 dawn dish soaps (11 oz. bottle were on sale for 88 cents each), 9 pert plus (would have gotten more, but that's all they had; were on sale b1g1), 2 orajel training toothpaste (also b1g1). i had 50 cent off coupons for every bottle of dawn, $2 for each pert plus. those, in conjunction w/ my ecb's got me down to a grand total of $1.10. but here's the kicker: i have a mail-in rebate for $1.50 for the orajel, so it's like they PAID ME 40 cents to take all that away from the store!

here's my haul--


so, today i spent $14.57 (minus the $1.50 'll get back from the rebate), and i saved $90.68! i SO TOTALLY ROCK! i was so excited as we were walking out of the store, i couldn't stop smiling and giggling!jon totally thinks i'm crazy, but he's happy w/ today's little shopping trip anyways. happy day! :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

rite aid, walgreens, and cvs oh my!

ok, so i went deal hunting again this week and got better deals at some store than others. i still have a couple more places to hit. . .

ok, so first off, i'd never neeb to rite aid and i had an old circular (like a month old b/c i wasn't paying attention), sad day. i still got some stuff, but i ended up paying more for it than expected, as well as getting different things than i'd intended. i ended up getting 3 cans of pringles and 3 lady speed stick deodorants. . . i had coupons for them all, so like i said, i still got good deals, they just weren't as good as i'd expected. the coupon i THOUGHT i could stack was actually expired. sad day. . . anyways, i shredded the receipt before i had a chance to get on here and brag about the deals i got, so all i remember is w/ the pringles, i got 30 cents off 3 cans total (so it was like buying them at 89 cents each; the coupon that had expired was to buy them for 89 cents each, THEN i was gonna use this one to get them for 79 cents each. of well), and the deodorants were on sale for 99 cents each, but i had coupons for like, 50 or 75 cents off, i don't remember. whatever it was, i paid less than $5 total. . .

ok, so walgreens was a new experience for me as well. i did a little better there than at rite aid though. i got 2 boxes of fruity pebbles (they were b1g1, plus i had a coupon for $1 off when you buy 2), 5 boxes of kraft mac & cheese (stacked the walgreen's 69 cent a box coupon w/ a $1 off when you buy 5 coupon so it came out to 49 cents a box), 2 adidas body washes (on sale b1g1, plus i had a coupon for $1 off 1), and 3 oil of olay body wahses (on sale 3/$10, plus i had $2 off coupons for each one, so i got 3/$4 yay!). my total ended up coming out to $14.82, but i got $41.71 worth of stuff; that means i saved $26.89! yay! oh, and i have $3 in register rewards i can spend next time around!


cvs, of course, wasawesome as well, although i have to admit walgreens was the best deal this week. i made 8 trips to the register in 2 days. . .

1) bandaid brand bandages 40 ct. i paid a whopping total of $3.20 and got 2 ecb.
2) clairol hydrience hair dye. on sale for $4.99, plus $1 off coupon and 2 ecb from previous purchase gave me an out of pocket total of $1.20.

1) 4 3-packs of ivory bar soap. i paid $5.95 and got 2 ecb.
2) 2 40-ct. packs fo o.b. tampons. used 2 coupons, each for $1.50 off, plus 2 ecb from previous purchase. paid $10.46 and got 5 ecb.
3) 3 balmex (4 oz. size). used 2 coupons each for 75 censt off, and a 3rd coupon for $1 off, plus 5 ecb from previous pruchase. i paid $12.98 and got 6 ecb.
4) 1 e.p.t. 1-ct. pregnancy test. used $3 off coupon and 6 ecb from previous purchase. paid $5.23 and got 4 ecb. (only way to beat that price is to get the $ store ones. i was pretty proud of this purchase b/c it was like getting it for $1.23 after you factor in the ecb!)
5) 2 palmolive dish soap (b1g1), 2 flintstones vitamins (b1g1 50% off). used 2 coupons each for $1 off flintstones vitamins and 4 ecb from previous purchase. paid $7.22.
6) 24 ct. cvs brand ibupofen. at some point in all my transactions today, they printed me out a coupon for a free cvs ibuprofen up to $3.49, so this cost me absolutely nothing, not even coupons or ecb! :) i saved $3.39 here.

so, over the past 2 days at cvs, i spent $46.24 on $91.67 worth of stuff. i saved $45.43.


to date i've spent $96.00 on $220.82 for a total savings of $124.82!

jon thnks i'm crazy, but whatever, if i can get good deals this way. i'll do it! i'm still trying to get my hands on a few things from cvs, but i'll get there. later today i'm gonna stop at k-mart and target to take advantage of some deals they've got going too! :)