Wednesday, July 29, 2009

it came out of NOWHERE!

seriously. i woke up sunday morning and it hit me like a ton of bricks! ok, here's the deal. . .

so, ever since i was a kid and discovered how much i loved to read, i've wanted to write a book of my own. i made a couple of attempts, but they all kinda fizzled out before they really ever got started. well, when my alarm went off sunday morning, it interrupted a dream i was having - that dream was the push i needed. in it was born the premise of the story. :) i've started writing, but it's slow going, since i have to do it in between chasing after trevor, taking care of scott, and all my other motherly and wifely duties. so far i've got the first chapter done. . .

here's what i can tell you so far:

zoe morgan is a 19 year old college junior w/ her whole life planned out - and everything's going exactly the way she wants. but you know what they say about the best-laid plans. . .

ryan appears in class on the first day of the new semester. zoe doesn't know what it is about him that draws her to him, but she can't afford this right now. it isn't part of the plan. what she doesn't know is that he's a faerie prince, sent to the human world like a foreign exchange student, so he can learn the diplomacy skills every good leader needs.

as if that weren't enough, she finds out she's actually 1/4 faerie herself, and as such, she learns she can never REALLY fit into the human world. all of zoe's plans come crashing down around her as she struggles to figure out if ANYTHING she ever believed was true and to figure out her place in the new world she finds herself a part of.

Friday, July 17, 2009

new blog

i just wanted to let you all know that since this page is getting overrun by my gratuitous deal-seeking/coupon-using/food-hording, i decided to start a whole new blog dedicated to my obsession. it's from now on, THIS blog will not have deals or savings info posted here. i WILL post a link to the other blog though! bye! :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

i really do have a life outsife of coupons, i swear!

ok, so i haven't WRITTEN in a long time, mostly just posted pictures and told about awesome deals i got. . . SO i figured it's time to remedy that. :)

life has been good lately. jon is busy looking for a new job so that we hopefully won't have to worry about money too much when his contract ends in december. he's found alot of great opportunities in colorado and is applying for anything he's interested in. he really wants to end up in denver, but it's actually looking like most the jobs are in colorado springs, which i'm happy about. i'd prefer to go there, so i don't mind at all. he claims there will be more to do in denver, but the way he talks, you'd think colorado springs was in the middle of the boonies. not so much. i doubt we'll get bord in the springs too easily, and even if we do, it's not like denver's that far - we can always drive up there for a day if we want to. anyways, we'll go wherever the jobs lead us, whether it's denver or the springs. :)

trevor's experimenting w/ new words, trying to figure out how to pronounce things so we can understand him. my current favorite is instead of saying "cookie" he says "booty" :) it's so awesome when he runs through the house going "booty! booty! booty! yay, booty!" :D i LOVE it! today i tried to get him to say tv, but it came out sounding like "baby". . . oh well. he still refuses to say his own name, even though i KNOW he can say it. he's excited that he can say grandma (maw-maw), cj (dee-day), and danielle (don't even ask me, i can't say it the way he does). . . he asks to call them almost every day lately. . . he mostly just says hi over and over, then when he's done, he'll say "bye bye! i yuh you!" (i love you) and hand the phone to whoever's closest. . . sometimes i'll get him to demonstrate a cute pronounciation or he'll decide to count (he can get to 10 on his own!). . . he's comepletely obscessed w/ balls, cars, trucks (which he calls "yucks"), and going to the park (he asks to go play, then says "down, up! wheee!" which mean slide and swing, respectively). he comes completely unglued if he had a single speck of dirt or anything else on his hands or feet and cries andsays "all yuyi!" (all yucky) until someone cleans him up. . . he loves scott and likes to tell him hi all day long and pat his belly. if he's awake and the baby's sleeping, he's always very concerned about where scott is and just keeps calling "baby! where did he go? there he is!" until scott wakes up and we bring him to the living room too. . . :) he just can't seem to get enough time w/ his brother, which is good, especially since i'm sure they'll have their moments as they get older. :)

scott is growing so fast, it's hard to believe he's almost 3 months old! he's still nursing like a champ, but will THANKFULLY also take a bottle. he sleeps 8-10 hours at night and he a very happy boy when he's awake. he loves to look around and watch what's going on around him; he LOVES to be on his belly and just hold his head up and look around! he can also roll over to his back when he wants to, although he gets upset that he can't get back onto his belly from there. . . he's ticklish and loves to snuggle whenever he gets the chance. it's hard to belive he's only been here for 3 months, it feels like we've known him forever!

i'm doing really well too. i've started going to yoga classes again, which has shown me how truly out of shape i am now. i'm working on getting my body back to how i want it, but it'll take time. part of me doesn't feel like it b/c jon and i know we want at least 1 more kid, but i just don't like the way i look right now and that trumps the lazy part of me. i'd rather do something to feel better about my body image than to wallow in it until we're done having kids. when i'm not chasing trevor down or taking care of scott, i keep myself busy w/ books, the internet, coupons, and the few tv shows i like that aren't running reruns right now. i'm doing what i can to prepare for this move and change in career or possible lack thereof. coupons are helping to save some money and bulk up our food storage. those are the 2 main things i can do at this point. . . they'll be of the most value to us if we end up w/out income for a while. i'm also looking a little bit for places we might want to live when we get out west, although not very actively, since we have no idea if jon will have a job by then or not, and if he does, we don't know where yet. i'm mostly just getting ideas so that when the time cames, we CAN make that decision more quickly.

that's about it, i guess. i should go anyways, i think trevor just woke up and it's dinnertime too. :)

harris teeter: take 2

i made a 2nd trip to harris teeter to take advantage of their super doubles this past week. they didn't have a couple of things i wanted, but that's the chance i took in waiting till the last minute. . . anyways, i ended up getting 2 jack daniel's bbq sauces (as if i needed more bbq sauce, right?), 2 lysol prays, 5 tubs of blue bunny ice cream, 4 4-packs of yogurt (1 danactive, 4 activia), and 4 boxes of bandaids. i had $1 off coupons for each item (although only 2 ice cream coupons b/c they wouldn't take more than that on them, but i only paid for 2 b/c they were on sale b2g3, so i still got a pretty sweet deal). i paid $27.48 and saved $41.19 (60.03%). happy evelyn! :)