Monday, April 9, 2012

diy maxi dress - easiest dress EVER!

in a previous post, i mentioned making this dress. well, i did it! lessons learned: i should have gotten just a LITTLE more fabric so it would be longer, and i should have used 2 packets of dye instead of just 1. i have enough fabric to make a 2nd dress, so i'll at least try the 2 dye packets w/ that one so i hopefully get a deeper, richer color. if it works, i'm going to redye this one w/ the same color so it deepens too. i also want to cut the neckline a little lower b/c it felt just a tad too high for my preferences. lastly, the people at joann's insisted i needed to use ball point pins and a ball point needle on my sewing machine to keep the fabric from tearing, and they recommended using the stretch stitch instead of a straight or zigzag stitch or my serger. well, none of that worked out so well for me. i have little holes all along the side seams of my dress from the ball point needle, so for dress #2, i'm going to try using my serger instead. either way, here's a picture of my dress:

i got so many compliments on this dress when i wore it to church yesterday! everyone seemed impressed that i made it (even after i told them how easy it was). i was impressed w/ the fact that i was comfortable in it. normally i HATE wearing dresses and skirts. i'm just not comfortable AT ALL in them. i wore this dress all day (unheard of for me - usually i'm back in my jeans as soon as i get home from church) and felt great! i am definitely a fan of the maxi dress, this one in particular, since it's modest and i didn't have to fuss w/ it all day to get it to sit right on my body. double win!

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