Sunday, March 29, 2009

carrier stash sale!

ok, so i have more wraps than i'll really use, so i decided to sell some of what i've got. i've had them listed on for a while now, but i haven't had any takers. i dunno why i never thought to post it here, but oh well. better late than never, right? ok, so here are the ones i'm wanting to get rid of and the info on them (all of these have been made by me):

1) air force seal cotton wrap. it's 4.8 yds. and only been used maybe 3 times max (like new condition). it's got a seam in the center so you don't have to fumble for it. it's a great wrap, i just don't find myself reaching for it at all. i'm just asking for the cost of the fabric and shipping ($30 total).

2) blue floral wrap. i bought this fabric when we thought i was having a baby girl, but since it's another boy, i don't see myself using it. it's never been used or tried on. it's also cotton, and is 5 yds. it's also got a center seam. i'm asking $40 (including shipping).

3) pool/beach wrap. you have an option on this one. . . i got the fabric to make a wrap for myself to use in the pool and at the beach this summer and it ended up making 2. i have 1 that's finished w/ a center seam, as well as one that's just the fabric. if you want just the fabric, i'm asking you cover just my cost ($30, including shipping). if you want the finished one, i'm asking a little more than normal b/c the fabric is extremely difficult to work w/ and it took me a LONG time to get done. i'm asking $50 (including shipping) for the finished one. finished, it's 4.2 yds. and has a center seam. i want to keep one for myself, though i don't care which.

if you're close enough i don't have to ship it, the prices will each be $5 less. if you want more than 1, i can combine the shipping so it'll be a little less, just let me know. comment here or email me. i have paypal, so payment isn't an issue if you're not nearby. also, these are shipping prices w/in the states. outside the us, i dunno how much it would be, so i'd have to check and get back to you. also, i'm open to reasonable offers or trades, so don't be shy! :)

i would LOVE to try a peanut shell (small) or hotsling (size 3) in boy-friendly colors/prints and would be more than happy to trade for one! :)

my homemade mei tai

ok, i actually made this a few days ago, but i haven't had a chance to post about it here yet. i'm SO excited about it though, so i have to share. about a month ago, i lost my beloved babyhawk. it was tragic, i mourned it's loss (well, kinda. i was sad, but i didn't cry or anything). . . well ,it had been 3 weeks and it still hadn't turned up, so i decided it was time to take matters into my own hands, hence the mei tai i made for trevor - that was a trial run to see how hard it would be to make one for myself. it turned out that mine was even EASIER than his, probably b/c i had better material AND it was bigger, so i didn't have to be QUITE as exact on certain things. the only thing that was harder was that i padded the shoulder straps on mine, so that took a little extra effort, but was totally worth it. i refuse to have a mt that isn't padded. anyways, i think it turned out REALLY well, so i thought i'd share some pictures w/ you all! :)

the finished product--

action shots--

please excuse the strange look on my face in that last one, i was trying to get trevor to smile by telling him to say "yay" and the picture took in the middle of the word. . . i didn't feel like redoing it, so i figured i would deal w/ it. :)

i'm a tard. no really, i totally am.

ok, so i had to go to the hospital today. again. *grumble* BUT at least this time it wasn't for a false alarm thinking the baby was coming. nope, i managed to slam my hand in the car door when we were leaving church this afternoon. real swift, i know. anyways, it was almost naptime, so FORTUNATELY, my next-door neighbor took trevor so i wouldn't have to deal w/ a tired, fussing toddler. . . but here's the annoying part - since it's sunday, none of the urgent care places around here were open, so i had to go to the emergency room. you know how DUMB i felt walking in there, 37 weeks pregnant and telling them i think i might have broken my finger? yeah, i must have looked like a complete idiot. anyways, at least this hospital has something they call the "fast track" for minor things like this in the er, so i was in and out in about 2 hours. . . no break, happily, but now i think the docs are even bigger tards than me b/c they're STILL making me wear a brace on my finger. so annoying, i hate it. i just took it off when i got home and haven't really bothered much w/ it since. if it starts to hurt more or i do something to irritate it, i'll put it back on, but for now i think i'm ok.

ok, commence pointing and laughing now, if you haven't already. i totally deserve it for being such an utter moron. :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

so i thought i'd make a mei tai. . .

ok, so since my babyhawk wandered off a few weeks ago, i figured i'd see if i could make my own mei tai b/c i miss it and i want one now. however, before i spent the money on fabric, i wanted to see how hard it would be, how long it wold take, etc. i had some fabric that i didn't have any use for lying around, so i made a miniature one for trevor - it turned out really well and didn't take nearly as long as i'd expected! best part was that it was about 1000 times easier than i expected as well! trevor LOVES it and was upset when we had to go out for a while and i wouldn't let him bring it. :) anyways, i just wanted ot share a couple picture of him wearing one of his stuffed animals b/c it was so stinkin' cute! :)


oh, and i'll make sure to post the finished result of the one i'm making for myself as well - i LOVE the fabrics, they're great! :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

fighting w/ my ob

ok, so those of you who remember when i was pregnant w/ trevor know full well that i could not WAIT to get him out and not be pregnant anymore. well, this should make you all giggle a little then. . . b/c i'm fighting w/ my doc now over the fact that they want to induce me at 39 weeks instead of letting nature take its course. i find it kinda ironic myself. . .

ok, so here's the full story:

according to my doctor, it's routine to induce gestational diabetic moms at 39 weeks if they haven't had the baby yet. i know this is to prevent deterioration of the placenta and things like that, so i know it isn't 100% about convenience. BUT if i understand things correctly, a deteriorating placenta should only be an issue if blood sugars aren't well controlled. i'm willing to do whatever i need to in order to keep mine under control till nudger arrives. so when the doc told me today that they wanted me to schedule my induction for 39 weeks, i asked how much say i have in that. i do NOT want to be induced by any means unless it's medically necessary. the doc tried to appease me by saying that instead of doing pitocin, they could try breaking my water and see what happens. that's still not something i'm comfortable w/, so i said so. the end of the conversation about it was something like they'll wait till jon is home from his deployment as long as things look ok. at that point, they WILL induce me if i haven't gone into labor on my own.

i'm not exactly happy about this, but i know that it's my right as a patient to refuse if i really don't want this. what i'm hoping is that the baby will come on his own before they start to insist on an induction and it won't be an issue, but i'm not gonna count on that happening. my biggest worry is for nudger. when trevor was born, even at 41 weeks, he still had some breathing difficulties and needed a shot of surfactant to get him breathing right. i don't wanna risk the same thing happening to nudger just b/c the timing is more convenient for the docs. they can do nst's and things like that to make sure he's still doing well in there, i just get the idea that they don't want to. i WILL fight this though - as long as things look good in there, i do NOT want to be induced. i want nudger to come when he's good and ready, not when some doctor says he should come.

any advice on handling this tactfully and in a way that myself and the docs won't get upset would be GREATLY appreciated! :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

AWESOME trip to cvs!

ok, so last night was probably my best trip EVER to cvs! :) happy day! here's what i got (just 1 transaction this time): 2 boxes glucerna cereal (on sale b1g1 1/2 off; had $5 off glucerna cereal coupon and $1.25 of any 1 glucerna product coupon), 2 boxes south beach high protein cereal bars (raincheck from last week's sale for 2/$5, 1 coupon for $2 off south beach cereal bars), 2 suave body washes (on sale $2 each). used 10 ecb, paid 21 cents! :) yep, that's it, just 21 cents. i didn't get any ecb's back, but i'm ok w/ that. so, i saved $26.62 or 99.22%! and looking at the receipt, HALF of what i paid was sales tax - GO ME!!!!! :) happy, happy evelyn! :D check out my haul--


yeah, i totally love cvs, it really is like christmas every day! :)

oh, and i would have actually done even better, but when my friend tried to print out more of the south beach coupons for me, her printer didn't like it, so oh well. i was glad she tried, but ultimately, i'm not all that disappointed. i still did GREAT and paid next to nothing for what i got. :)